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I’d like to start by saying that all of this – the writing, the filming, the modding – is stuff I love doing, and I’ll carry on doing it for as long as there’s someone out there who enjoys it. I’ll always keep as much of it as I can totally free, so as many of you can check it out as possible. As a rule, you should never, ever feel obliged to support me financially and it'd be against the spirit of modding and storytelling if I made you feel that way.

That said, a few people have been kind enough to express an interest in supporting my work, and like many students in the UK, I have debt looming over me, rent that needs paying, food that needs buying, etc. I'm certain I'll survive and keep modding and writing whatever comes my way, but please know that if you do decide to contribute, you're really helping me out and I'll be eternally grateful.

So how can you do so? Well, the biggest ways you can support me are by subscribing to my Patreon and joining my YouTube Channel. There are a whole bunch of different rewards you’ll get as a thank you – polls, early access to stories and videos, exclusive sneak peeks, custom Lucien dialogue, and even signed books and one-to-one tuition if you want it! Take a look at the page for more details.

Another way is by subbing to my Twitch Channel and cheering for me with Bits, which makes a lovely “gling” sound on stream and is always good fun.

Otherwise, if you’d prefer to stick to a one-off donation, you could buy a copy of my latest novel, Lonely Worlds, pick up some Lucien Merch on RedBubble or TeeSpring, or even tip me directly over PayPal.

Finally, if you’ve been planning on doing any shopping lately, you could use this link to go to Amazon and buy literally anything within 24 hours. I’ll get a small cut of the profits as a result, and that’ll make me awfully happy without you spending a penny more.

Monies aside, the feedback and support I've had from the community so far has been humbling. If you don't fancy supporting me financially after all (and again, I really don't expect you to!), it'd mean the world to me if you'd care to drop me an endorsement or a friendly comment on the Nexus, a like on my Facebook page, or a subscription/follow on my Twitch and YouTube channels. Seriously, thank you guys.

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